1. You say, “Lost Dog”, but I know you mean, “Lost Horse”.


  2. Drums! Presented by Eureka Vacuums.


  3. we still exist




  6. Floor Plan’s front man.



  8. Us playing our song “Synesthesia” at Make Music Pasadena Festival


  9. Pictures from the 35er bar in Pasadena!



  11. Recording has begun and it’s sounding pretty good!




  14. Vintage Floor Plan


  15. tapefamous:

    I recently received a package of three tapes from middle California label “Kerchow!” Records. My first thoughts upon seeing these tapes were of days when I was a kid and would stay inside during the summer to watch cartoon marathons and eat bagel bites. Aesthetically playful and not too serious I wasn’t expecting masterpieces on these tapes, but humble surprises and it seems I got just that. My favorite tape of the lot was the “Giantess EP” by Floor Plan. While all the tapes I was sent are quite wacky, this is probably the least wacky of them. This tape is only three tracks (side A repeats on side B) but it still gives you an overall feel for what Floor Plan are going for as a band. Goofily post apocalyptic the funny talk vocals and oddly produced harmonies paired with what sounds like drum machine and a guitarist fiddling around make for a pretty unique sound. For whatever reason I feel like this is the band that would totally win battle of the bands in high school because the members are nice and all of their friends really like them but don’t necessarily get their music. They do this pretty funny vocal thing where one guys says the lyrics and then slightly behind him the other member says them too. It’s not really double tracking because it sounds live, yeah. On the third and final track of this EP there is a pretty cool synth and bass intro, I can dig it and it’s probably one of the highlights of what these guys are doing. In the end while I don’t know if a majority of the Kerchow! Records output is necessarily for me. It is definitely fun and quirky, and if you used to watch KaBlam! as a kid this is well worth checking out. Maybe put on a grip of Kerchow! tapes and mute the show and just pair the visuals with the audio. Who knows, either way check it out and make up your own mind.

    Christian ~ President @ Holy Page Records ~ Distributor @ Reputation Worldwide ~ Game Changer Extraordinaire